Host a Course


MUR Strategic has been a training provider for over two decades.  Our unparalleled training curriculum is taught by some of the most talented and experienced professionals in their respective industries.  Our instructor staff possess extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, other areas of public safety, military special operations, and business-related fields.

We make hosting a course at your training site a simple and cost-effective method for training your personnel.  There is little to no cost to the host organization and there are no cancellation fees in the event the course does not reach the minimum number of paid students.

Please contact my organization for more information on scheduling training click here.


Corporate/Lecture based curriculum click here.


Tactical Operations curriculum click here.

  • Host provides a liaison with MUR Strategic for the course coordination;
  • Classroom suitable for size of class with tables and chairs;
  • Audio/visual aids such as TV, LCD projector, audio speakers;
  • Range and other required training areas;
  • Advertise the course via email, social media, NCIC or any other approved methods for non-contract courses;
  • Provide role players if required;
  • There are no extra or hidden charges to the host organization.
  • 1 tuition FREE seat in the school to the host organization for every 9 paid students;
  • 1:10 Instructor/Student Ratio for all non-lecture-based courses;
  • Course diploma for each student who successfully completes training;
  • Advertisement via, email, social media and print for non-contract courses.