Tactical Operations Host Organization Checklist

We will provide students with the hotel information so they can obtain directions to their hotel via the internet.

  • Hotel
  • Classroom
  • Training Equipment
  • Range
  • Directions

Please Fill Out Completely

Hotel Name

Hotel Address



Free Internet

Continental Breakfast


Hotel Name

Hotel Address



Free Internet

Continental Breakfast


Hotel Name

Hotel Address



Free Internet

Continental Breakfast

Please Fill Out Completely

Exclusive access to classroom for MUR Strategic training event

Classroom capacity

Classroom Address

Computer in classroom with PowerPoint

Audio/visual aids such as TV, LCD projector, audio speakers

Dry erase board with markers

Please fill out completely

Large multi-purpose room for hands on training

Building with multiple rooms for room clearing instruction

Can Airsoft or Simunitions be used in building?

Large open parking lot or field for practical training which will accommodate vehicle training and the use of Airsoft or Simunitions weapons

Large padded suitcase striking shields for combatives training

Floor matting for combatives training

If yes, how much floor space in square feet can be covered?

Redman Suit or similar

If yes, how many?

Please list any other combatives related equipment available such as boxing gear, thai kick pads, focus mitts, etc.

Photos of range, shoot house, barricades and other related range assets

Please fill out completely

Are there any specific range safety requirements such as OIC, RSO, Medic, etc..?

If yes, please define and submit a copy of range rules below

Copy of range rules

What is the distance on your range?

If other, enter here

Are there any caliber or weapon restrictions?

If yes, what are they?

How many shooters can be on line at one time?

Does range have turning targets?

Does range have moving targets?

Does range have steel targets?

Does range have a shoot house?

If yes, is frangible ammunition required?

If yes, what is the maximum caliber allowed?

If yes, please submit a copy of floorplan and safety rules

Are portable targets available and can they be moved forward of the firing line?

Are target frames and backers available?

Are range supplies such as staple guns and staples available?

Does the range have a covered area for staging equipment?

Does the range have a classroom?

Does the range have restrooms?

Does the range have a lightning safe area?

Is the range equipped with a range tower?

Can MUR Strategic instructors manage the tower and targets?

Does the range have elevated shooting positions?

Does the range have 360 degree shooting capability?

Are vehicles allowed to be driven onto range area?

Can vehicles be placed on range to shoot in, around and into?

Does the range have onsite medical equipment?

If yes, what level of care?

What type of barricades is available for use on the range? Please indicate quantity.


Wooden walls

Window frames

4” x 4” post



Additional Information

Does the range have any other assets that would be beneficial during the training course?

Will the MUR Strategic training event have exclusive use of the range?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the range that we should know about?

Please list any other range assets that are available during training

Please provide as much detail as possible

Please provide clear directions to the classroom location from various directions of common travel. Please include the exact street address of the training location, description, landmarks and mileage.

If the range location is different from the classroom location please have copies of directions from the classroom to the range available in the classroom for each student.