Technical Advising

Technical Advising

Whether your production is a feature film, documentary, or television series of any era, MUR Strategic’s Motion Picture Division specializes in providing the most realistic technical advising and training services for productions involving military, government, law enforcement and any type of tactical or combatives scenes.  We have the resources and technical capabilities to support actors to better understand their character in order to bring that character to life on screen with the highest level of authenticity.

We are accustomed to working seamlessly with producers, directors, wardrobe and other departments to provide timely and accurate assistance and information.

Our company has international experience in over 60 countries conducting training and protective security operations.  This invaluable experience lends an extensive network to aid productions during scouting and filming internationally.

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  • Extras
  • Location Scouts
  • Logistics
  • Medical support
  • Remote location operations and sustainment
  • Risk Assessments
  • Set and Talent Security
  • Stunt Actors
  • Stunt/Actor training
  • Technical advising, Aviation
  • Technical advising, Law Enforcement
  • Technical advising, Military
  • Technical advising, Mountaineering
  • Technical advising, Multi-Firearms
  • Technical advising, Precision Driving
  • Technical advising, Scuba Diving
  • Technical advising, Skydiving
Technical Advising

MUR Strategic is proud of its notable record of “ZERO” mishaps during training operations.  Some of our services include but are not limited to: aerial perations, rappelling, climbing, sub-surface operations, explosive breaching, ship boarding, high speed boat operations, and driving.