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The sports and entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Spectators by the thousands are in attendance daily at concerts, sporting events, and other events around the world.  Over the last few years, these types of venues have become prime targets of opportunity for those wishing to inflict harm on the innocent.

Venues have a responsibility to conduct comprehensive physical security reviews on a continuing basis.  The implementation of emergency protocols such as occupant emergency plans that work in conjunction with FEMA’s Incident Command System should also be utilized.

Our in-house physical security specialists are former members of military and law enforcement special operations and counter-terrorism units.  These individuals are specially trained to conduct physical security assessments to evaluate existing security programs to determine what deficiencies exist in order to identify any necessary corrective action required.


The touring world has changed drastically over the last few years.  These changes have prompted artists to enhance their existing security design on both venue operations and close protection.  Today, more than ever, it is necessary for tour security personnel to possess security industry qualifications and experience to effectively manage a tour’s security program and to reduce the associated liability.

Our veteran touring staff, who are trained and certified, have managed venue and personal security for numerous A-level artists around the globe.  We work closely with the client’s tour and production management team to develop a thorough security and risk management plan for reporting injuries, and establish security focused continuity throughout the entire crew.  Additionally, we offer crew training programs with focus on medical skills, active shooter/terrorist incidents, and travel safety.

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