Private Charter Aircraft

MUR Strategic is an agent for privately chartered aircrafts that can transport you in total comfort, convenience, and most importantly, safely to your destination.  We allocate our jets and helicopters from a modern fleet of reliable airframes for your transportation needs. All aircraft are staffed with experienced and courteous crew members to insure your comfort.

We work directly with an ARGUS-rated broker.  What this means for you as the traveler is that an ARGUS-rated broker understands and adheres to industry best practices, and is committed to the utmost in safety and service-oriented charter operations

Prior to booking any aircraft, we will disclose the aircraft and operator details offering total transparency.  This applies to over 40,000 destinations with no upfront commitments until the time of booking your aircraft.

We have access to over 7,000 aircraft worldwide allowing us to facilitate transportation for individuals on smaller airframes to larger groups of up to 45 people on the Boeing 767.

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