Global Emergency Evacuations

Today more than ever, traveling outside the continental United States has become increasingly hazardous.  Hazardous situations can occur anywhere, at any time. The threat of global terrorism, kidnapping, other organized and street level crime are a serious concern when traveling to certain regions.  Another major concern is becoming ill and finding dependable healthcare while traveling abroad. MUR strategic has highly trained physicians, Paramedics, and Emergency Medical Technicians that can conduct a pre-trip medical threat assessment and make logistical recommendations to help safeguard your trip as well as provide contact information for medical care facilities for your destination.  Our medical personnel can also travel with you to provide you with your desired level of care based off the medical threat assessment for your region of travel. Depending on the level of care requested, our medical team travels with the appropriate equipment to match their skill sets to provide you with that appropriate level of care.

MUR Strategic can also provide medical and other specialized evacuation services around the globe.  Don’t allow yourself, family, or company personnel to travel into an unknown without proper due diligence on the destination location.

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